Classification of polyurethane and its application fields

Classification of polyurethane and its application fields
Polyurethane is poly amino carboxylic acid ester of referred to, it is a polymer material. polyurethane is a emerging of organic polymer material, was as “fifth big plastic”, for its excellence of performance and was widely application Yu economy many field. products application field involved light, and chemical, and electronic, and textile, and medical, and building, and building materials, and car, and defense, and space, and aviation……
, Daily application is:
Furniture industry applications
1. Paint, 2. coatings, 3. Binder, 4. sofa, 5. mattresses, 6. armrest
Household appliance applications
1. electrical insulating varnish 2. wire and cable sheath 3. disinfection cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, insulation 4. washing machine electronics waterproof sealant
Construction applications
1. the sealants, 2. adhesives, 3. rooftop waterproofing insulation layer, 4. cold insulation, 5. Interior and exterior wall coating, 6. floor paint, 7. synthetic wood, 8. runway,9. waterproof plugging agent 10 vinyl flooring
Transportation applications
1. aircraft, Interior seat, armrests, headrests, door panels, dashboards, steering wheels, bumpers, shock-absorbing pads, fenders 2. carpet lining paint 3. insulation parts,pipe 4. gasket 5. anti-skid chains
Shoes and leather industry
1. the end of shoes inside and outside 2. adhesive 3. leather finishing agent 4. leather, synthetic leather coating
Application of sports industry
Plastic sports (including basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis courts, tracklaying), sportswear (dance clothing, swimsuit, dance clothes); shoes, Scooter
2, polyurethane elastomer (PU Elastomers)
Casting polyurethane elastomer (referred to as CPU) is a polyurethane elastomer in the most widely used, maximum output;
Thermal plastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU for short)thermal plastic polyurethane elastomer polyurethane elastomer 25% of the total accounted for around
Millable polyurethane elastomer (referred to as MPU) – about 10% total of polyurethane elastomer.
Solid tires, conveyor rollers of printing; profiled glue roller; oil seals, gaskets, ball joint, bushing bearings, Orings and pole pad soles, roots, baotou; lined gear, differentapplication fields, choose elastomer hardness range.
In the mining, metallurgical and other industriesapplication of sieveplate, Shaker
Application in machinery industryrubber roller, tape, seals, etc;
Applications in the automotive industrytires, seals, etc;
Application in light industrypolyurethane sole, Pu synthetic leather, polyurethane fibers;
Applications in the construction industrywaterproof material, paving materials, potting materials and so on.
TPU elastic band
3, polyurethane sealant (PU Sealants)
Sealant is used to fill voids (holes, joints, seams, etc) of the material, two functions of both bonding and sealing. polyurethane sealant with silicone sealant, polysulfide sealant composition of the current three varieties of high-grade sealant.
Polyurethane sealant is widely used in civil construction, transportation and other industries:
Application in architectureWindows and doors, glass fill seal;
Applications in civil engineeringhighways, bridges, runways, such as caulking seal;
Applications in the automobileWindows (mainly windshield glass) Assembly sealed.
Polyurethane sealed rubber has many excellent characteristics, including: (1) performance can adjustable range wide, and adaptability strong (2) wear performance good; (3) mechanical strength big; (4) stick received performance good; (5) elastic good, has excellent of recovery sex, can for dynamic seams; (6) low temperature flexible good; (7) resistance waiting sex good, using life up 15-20 years; (8) resistance oily good; (9) resistance biological aging; (10) price moderate.

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4, polyurethane sole (Shoe Sole)
Polyurethane outsole has many advantages: low density, soft, comfortable and easyto wear and good dimensional stability, long storage life; excellent wear resistance, resistance to flexural behavior; excellent shock absorption, non-slip performance; good temperature resistance, good chemical resistance, and so on. polyurethane used in the manufacture of high grade shoes leather, sports shoes, sneakers and so on.

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5, polyurethane (PU Adhesives)
Polyurethane adhesive with a strong polarity and chemical activity of-NCO-(isocyanate),-NHCOO-(carbamate groups), and substrate containing active hydrogen, such as foam, plastic, wood, leather, fabric, paper, ceramics and other porous materials, as well as metal, glass, rubber, plastic and other smooth surface material has excellentchemical adhesion;
With excellent shear strength and impact resistance properties, suitable for all kinds of structural bonding area and have excellent flexibility characteristics;
Adhesive polyurethane adhesive with excellent rubber properties, can adapt to different thermal expansion coefficient of substrate adhesion, it forms a softhard transition layer between the substrate, not only strong adhesion, but also has excellent cushioning, shock absorption function;
Polyurethane adhesive of low temperature and low temperature performance over all other types of adhesives;
Waterborne polyurethane adhesiveswaterborne polyurethane adhesives with lowVOC content, low or no environmental pollution, not fuel characteristics, is the major direction of polyurethane adhesives.

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