How to distinguish TPU?

here How to distinguish TPU?
Recently, plastic products are more and more in our life. Some plastic is toxic while others is eco-friendly. As we know, TPU is one of eco-friendly plastic and which in different degrees has different property. In contrast, silica gel and synthetic rubber are not as eco-friendly as TPU, though they has similar property.

bnswiss Here we have some ways to distinguish TPU, silica gel and synthetic rubber.

watch TPU:
1. Clear or colored.
2. Has yellow flame, a little explosion, few white smoke when fire. It can also have black smoke when it’s not fully fire sometimes.
3. A little bit fragrance.
4. Range of hardness is 60A-80D.

get link Silica gel:
1. Has bright white flame when fire.
2. A little bit smell and smoke when fire. The residue after fire is white powder.
3. Range of hardness is 10A-90A.

الخيارات الثنائية كندà Synthetic rubber:
1. The firing flame is yellow.
2. Smelly when fire.
3. Range of harness is generally 50A-80A.

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