TPU film development and TPU material processing method

TPU film development and TPU material processing method TPU film development and TPU material processing method

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The performance of TPU material put forward new demands. Due to internal TPU material is difficult to meet the processing requirements, so even in the domestic manufacturers are able to produce, largely from the TPU material imported from abroad.

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TPU film processing methods of blow molding, casting, t-shaped extrusion and rolling method. The final products are generally not needed for curing reaction, you canshorten the period of production of TPU film, can also recycle waste material can bereused. TPU films widely available additives, pigments and fillers, to improve some physical properties, processing, or reduce costs.
Processing should note matters: guarantee material in dry device within stranded 4 h, because TPU raw materials easy moisture; material of stick degrees on temperature and changes is sensitive, to note control reaction Shi of temperature and die head of local temperature control; on thickness,, large production of film its thickness distribution quite poor, so should for by using of processing method in production process in the accurate to measurement TPU film of thickness, to reached better control film thickness of purpose; mold of structure design to guarantee material of smooth through, Do not allow retention of material due to characteristics of TPU material, transmission power than some general plastics processing equipment 1.5~2.0 times more processing power. Blown film is a newer technology of production is unlikely, before processing the material should be dried TPU drying temperature rangeis 82~121℃.
Strictly speaking TPU film should not contain plasticizers (plasticizer), because plasticizer is a toxic chemical substance. But due to the technical and equipment reasons,many companies have had to use it to reduce particle viscosity, hardness and lowermolecular weight reduction so as to achieve the goal of easy processing, and the downside is that the TPU film formation of brittle, odor, and oil (migration), which seriously affect the physical and environmental protection.
TPU film thickness of the thinnest in the world today are 10 um, Mirac-tranTPU in Japan can reach dozens of UM, and TPU film DingZing you can do 12 UM, TPU film producer is superior to South Korea, Japan and the United States. TPU film product is perfect for hot, high frequency processing, sew or glue and other processing method, suitable for printing, vacuum or high frequency compressed into three-dimensional effect.
TPU film performance from tearing, abrasion resistance, flexure resistance, water resistance, resistance to yellowing, low temperature, heat and oxidation, mildew resistance antimicrobial resistance, oil resistance, gas diffusion and study on biomedical aspects. Experiments show that, compared with other conventional plastic materials, TPU film‘s performances are superior in this respect.
At present, international mass production of TPU film the thickness tolerance is stillvery large, in that case, if you want to win a bigger share of the market, advanced production line and with a good measurement and control technology is a must. Detection of TPU film has two purposes, first is to detect holes and waste; the second is controlled through the detection of TPU film thickness. Distribution of film thicknessusing a thickness gauge around the bubble, move the measure.
There are sensors and measurement of capacitive sensors are entering film market.TPU film detection is in the world today, most manufacturers will appear on the roll of TPU film 7~10 is a small hole. There are very few manufacturers can do a roll of only 1~2, sometimes zero is a small hole.
Proportion of raw material as TPU film, temperature control, so a lot of customer dissatisfaction with TPU film errors, and complain. Field experience is that even the same day, the same machine, produced to the same specifications of the product and sometimes there is a big difference. So for TPU want stronger, bigger firms, to increase investment on the production technology and equipment. The only way to make quality products, customer satisfaction. Advanced TPU membrane testing equipment tends to be very expensive, so for many small and medium TPU film producerswho control the thickness of the film and the reject rate is a problem.
For customer purchases of TPU film tests, should keep in mind is the observation ofTPU film effects not to cut a small piece of the surface to observe, and used a largevolume samples, to observe the effects of some of the details and differences. At present, no water, no particles, very straight TPU film suitable for clothing and shoe Logo. in order to protect TPU film and keep it better finish, PE, PET, or paper is often used as a protective film. So you actually see TPU films tend to be twostory, use remove protective film can be.
TPU film is a green material, due to its excellent performance and environmental protection, so that it is getting more and more widely used, it has a very good marketprospects.
Can printing sex makes TPU film in shoes material Shang will continues to keep fast growth; car is TPU film and TPU application growth of a huge market; blow gas also has began in domestic of South City achieved high-speed growth; waterproof breathable film is a huge of market, but due to to and cloth fitting, if technology not clearance, will put cloth also damaged, so on TPU film quality requirements is high, believes with technology of development, this industry will get more in-depth to development; in biological medical performance aspects, TPU film and no toxic allergic reaction, local irritation, can be widely used in medical and healthrelated products; in the construction industry, as the roof lining material of thin-film laminates, predict could become a big industry; used for greenhouses instead of a shorter service life ofpolyethylene film also has very good prospects.
In addition, according to Nike‘s research and development staff, as in the TPU film for screen printing adds a lot of time and processing, so in order to save manpower,financial and material resources, shoe factory wanted TPU film companies can provide any color they want TPU films, these are businesses should work toward.
In short, with the fierce market competition, high quality, affordable TPU film of theTPU films to dominate international markets. TPU film producers in the world should work on the technology, developing new products, innovative, green material TPU film market to do bigger and better.

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