TPU is one of the mainstream-friendly materials of the 21st century

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) because of their superior physical performance and the concept of environmental protection are increasingly popular. At present, all places that use PVC, TPU is able to become the alternative to PVC. TPU has advantages, PVC is in the dust. TPU is not only convenient for high tension, high tensile strength, toughness and anti-aging properties, and is a mature kind of eco-friendly materials. At present, the TPU has been extensive: shoes, garments, toys, water and underwater sports equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, automobile seat materials, umbrellas, suitcases, purses, etc.
TPU films are on the basis of TPU granules, through rolling, casting, blowing, coating process made into films. Now used very widely in the sneaker: marks on the solesand uppers decorated, air bags, air, oil, and so on.
Now, the TPU films applied on the sneakers and two trends: one is the prevailing wind to blow up by women sandals, that is high or direct transparent TPU trim, paint or screen printing, or fit the duct into a wire cloth, high frequency shaping and gluingon the uppers, functional and decorative effect. Second, use waterproof breathableTPU film and fit shoes with a cloth used to achieve the effect of waterproof and moisture permeable.
And compared to PVC, EVA, butyl rubber, plastic materials, TPU is not only environmentally toxic, mold proofing antibacterial, wear and corrosion, biocompatibility and other excellent features, and tortuous tear-resistant, acid and oil resistant oxidation, weathering a broad performance is also very good. TPU is with its incomparable advantages became one of mainstream eco-friendly materials of the 21st century.